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According to a recent survey of 1,745 business-to-business (B2B) Internet marketers, even the most effective B2B marketing tactics - such as website design, SEO and email marketing - were up to 50 percent LESS effective in 2011 compared with last year.
Hello DP Members, I am here to let you know that now we have a package of 100 paid directory submission at only $65. All directories are paid and non of them accept free links. *Package Detail:* 1) Domains PR: PR3 – PR 0 2) Domain ext: Mixed of .com/.biz/.net/.info 3) Directories are...
Google gets to have all the fun especially when it comes to quarterly earnings reports. Rarely is there any bad news and the third quarter of 2011 was no exception. As Larry Page reports from the Google investor relations announcemnent: “We had a great quarter,” said Larry Page, CEO of Google. “Revenue was up 33% [...]
Grocery chain offers glowing report of direct messaging consumers on the social site.
We've been talking about it in a few other posts, but never really delved into it much. ;) What do you think good ethics are in IM, and how easy /...
Does Google hate affiliate marketers? 'Hate' may be a little extreme but I don't think it's a stretch to say that Google doesn't want websites and web pages in its search engine index that it believes add no value to - or junk up - its search results. Unfortunately for many affiliate marketers, Google interprets many affiliate sites as doing exactly that.
Hello, We are looking for a content spinner. We will give you 5 - 10 pieces of content a month to spin. Now, we need this person to be located in the following locations: (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia). If you are able to do this please give us the following...
Being a truly special writer is a true challenge, and one we're unlikely to meet if our attention is focused elsewhere. Back in 1995 people...
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